Information Technology for Business

Businesses today need to be up-to-date with technology, security, and hardware. But who's got time for that when there's the rest of your business to attend to? Let us take that responsibility off your shoulders so you can focus on the many other aspects of your day.

Does your business need a website? Want an email SSL certificate so your customers trust your site? Maybe even e-commerce, online checkout, or other services? We can set all those up and more.

Whether you have an upcoming project you need to plan or old equipment you need to phase out, we want to get you on the right track and after that continue to be your contact for computers and IT. We're on your side to save you time, money, and at the end of the day get the job done for you when it comes to technology.

We are happy to offer the following services to businesses on a per-case basis or part of an ongoing contract:

  • IT consulting
  • Project planning
  • Hardware purchasing
  • Hardware inventory
  • Hardware and software management
  • Documentation
  • Computer repair
  • Server setup
  • Network security audit
  • Proactive network resource monitoring
  • Equipment lifespan plan development
  • VPN (virtual private network) - login to work from home, browse safely when traveling
  • Data hosting
  • Website design / upkeep
  • Graphic design
  • Email hosting / setup
  • E-waste disposal

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