About Us

My name is Bryce Miller and I'm the owner of Atchi.tech. I have 10 years of professional IT experience, from private business to K-12 and university-level information technology support. I moved to Atchison recently after getting engaged, and I am confident I have reliable local services to offer the community. When you're interested in choosing atchi.tech for your computer and technology support, you'll be talking to me and working with me. I live right here in Atchison, and working with computers, networks, security, and support are all my forte. My years of experience and work in Manhattan, Washington, and St. Joseph have all given me not only great experience but solid professional contacts. I'd love to lend my local and reliable consulting and support to your business. Send me an email and we can plan a call or chat in-person to go over your specific business needs.


You can find more information about me personally on my LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryce-t-miller

Email helpdesk@atchi.tech to get started

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